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Cloud HostedPhone System

Callmaticâ„¢ are leaders in VOIP or voice over internet protocol services. Our state of the art data centre enables us to provide you with the latest in technology incorporating more reliable and cost effective phone services.

In short a modern VOIP phone system replaces your older ISDN or standard phone line and it is then run and operated in the cloud.

You can still use a physical phone but these are replaced with our phones that allow you to operate cheaper VOIP phone system.

VOIP phone system

Why should we switch?

  • Simply its cheaper to operate by up to 70% and has more functions. For example auto attendance and IVR enabling you to route calls in a more professional and easier way. So for example if a caller dials your number you get 1 for sales 2 for accounts 3 , etc.
  • The system can also integrate with your current CRM system such as Salesforce or ZOHO.
  • The sky really is the limit when it comes to VOIP You can keep your old number if needed and it gives your customers a better user experience. Gone are the days of VOIP being unreliable the latest modern phone systems come with backup links and reliability that is just as good as a standard phone line.

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