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What is a phone answering service?

It is a series of technologies and services that you choose to enhance your business at an early stage in order to help you grow as a business. There is also no need for any expensive hardware or software.

Why Callmaticâ„¢ and not someone else?

Firstly we are part of one of the largest technology companies in the South east and operate nationally. Secondly we offer the lowest rates in the market and thirdly we are 100% Irish owned and operated which means we pay tax here in Ireland and support local business.

How does the 100% Free Trial work?

Our services are based on customer service and simplicity. We are so confident in our service we give you a full month to Trial our service when others give one 7 days. Also our competition in some cases asks for your credit card we do not. When you test our service you are doing just that there is no tie in or commitment simple.

What are the benefits to me?

As a small to medium size business you work hard to get where you want to be. Our service is designed to allow you to project the right image and operate as efficiently as possible. By having a fixed office number and local to you it not only gives that right image but also helps with your time by directing your calls to the right person at the right time. Further to this it does not break the bank from as little as 70 cent per day.

Is it a person who answers my calls or is it automated?

Your calls with the virtual service are answered by a professionally studio recorded voice that answers in your company name. The customer is then given options that you choose for example 1 for sales might go to your mobile or 2 for accounts goes to your accounts contact number etc , etc.

Are you a LTD company?

Yes are a fully limited and VAT registered company we operate under the Lynsco Group Ltd from our offices in Eexford but operate nationally and throughout Europe if needed

How do I start my Free Trial?

Simply click on Contact Us and fill out the form we will do the rest