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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Callmaticâ„¢ is the sister company of Trackmatic and as such we can offer some of the lowest GPS vehicle tracking prices on the market. Quite simply our pricing is only 14.99 per vehicle per month and this is achievable by being part of Irelands leading vehicle tracking system company.

What is vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking not only allows you to see live on any computer or phone where a vehicle is but it also enables you to see where is has been. Using the very latest in vehicle tracking technology you can zoom in using the latest in satellite imagery and see your vehicle with amazing accuracy.

Why should I purchase from Callmatic?

Quite simply we are cheaper than going direct we can give you up to 40% off and this includes Free installation of your vehicle tracker where ever you are in the country.

GPS vehicle tracking

What is included in the 14 euro per month? Whatever you need but here is the system details

  • Free install
  • Full history and time sheet reporting
  • 30 second updates
  • Full European coverage (useful for stolen recovery)
  • Your logo on the software
  • Driver behaviour (Prevent safety issues)
  • Mobile and tablet viewing
  • Unlimited users
  • Low swap over costs
  • And much more

Call today or visit and mention our name and receive up to 40% off your first year.