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Telephone Answering Service

Our premium plus package provides the complete business phone systems for growing SME’s and incorporates our staff physically taking your calls for you. This call answering limits the need for you to answer the phone and take time away from your business. The business phone service is the easiest way for your business to grow whilst not missing a sale or opportunity.

Callmatic™ acts as an extension of your business with your phone calls being professionally answered in your company name. With this small business phone solution you can easily separate work and personal in an affordable price.

How it works

We assign you a local number for your business which you give out to your customers.When they dial this number we answer the call for you in your company name using the very latest in call answering technology.

We then transfer the call to you or if you are unavailable we take a message and email or text the details over to you. By doing this your customers see a professional business that has a fixed office and service that is operating during working hours.

call answering service
call answering service

Benefits of a call answering service

  • Firstly there is the number. Instead of a customer having to reach a mobile phone they get to dial a fixed office line giving a more suitable and professional image.
  • Secondly a physical person answering the calls give your clients confidence in your business knowing that a message is being taken and passed on to the right department.
  • Thirdly increased sales by you not missing a call or someone not leaving a message or not calling back.

And then there is increased productivity by having the phone routed to the right person there is no more taking calls that you cannot respond allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

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