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Virtual Receptionist Service

What is a Virtual Reception?

Quite simply our service is built in the cloud and online which means that we can give you a helping hand to grow your business by projecting a better business image utilising our services.

How does it work?

We issue you a telephone number such as 01 or 1800 numbers and you advertise this to your current and future customers. When someone calls that number it is answered by the very latest in automated voice technology which then gives the customer or client a series of short options for example press 1 for sales or 2 for accounts.

virtual receptionist service

How does this help my business?

Quite a few ways in fact, firstly it gives the right impression so currently you might be operating with just a mobile number and maybe you are not always able to answer. So they see a fixed landline number and when they call it they are routed to the right person enabling you to get on with growing your business. As they say first impressions count.

Secondly no need to carry to mobile phones as our call answering system can now enable you to keep personal and business call separate