Why Does Your Business Need a Virtual Number?

virtual number Ireland
28 October

Why Does Your Business Need a Virtual Number?

A virtual number Ireland is a service with which you will stop losing customers, secure a stable connection, and focus on sales. You’ll be provided with all the equipment – you only need the Internet and a computer.

For individual Entrepreneurs And Startups

  • Registration will not take much time, you can start working immediately after signing up for the service. 
  • Management from your personal account. You can manage options, view statistics, create lists, and listen to recordings of conversations in your personal account.
  • Affordable rates and transparent bills. The price starts at just €14.99/month. We do not offer conditions hidden under the asterisk. You can familiarize yourself with the single account in your personal account.

For big business

  • The virtual number Ireland can be used for communication within the corporation. For this, internal channels are reserved, and navigation goes through the dialing of the extension number.
  • Equipping a new office with ready-made telephony is not a problem. Increase your presence in the regions, open new offices while maintaining a single organization number.
  • By recording telephone conversations, you will learn how managers communicate with customers.
  • Manage your extensions with a few clicks. New employees are integrated into the system in a few minutes.

Work wherever it is convenient

The beauty of the virtual number lies in the freedom of a particular location. You can choose to keep your number belonging to any particular city while you could be roaming anywhere in the country. 

Available to you:

  • Voicemail and IVR menu. They are, in essence, the voice calling card of the business. You have the opportunity to like the client even before the start of communication.
  • Smart call forwarding with flexible route settings.
  • Multichannel – receive up to 100s of calls simultaneously.
  • A beautiful room of several categories (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and exclusive).
  • Complete call statistics. The log includes the numbers of incoming, time, and duration of the call.
  • The virtual number Ireland will help support business throughout the country. Communicate with customers around the clock, in the format of technical support, or consult on the product. Prepare for uninterrupted work – there will be many calls. 

A Few Benefits:

  • Free outgoing call from any region
  • Integrates with CRM systems
  • Fast connection
  • Free corporate calls
  • Adequate rates

Increases Sales

The virtual number increases sales by attracting more customers. The modern client hates two things:

  • when they climb into his pocket;
  • when his time is not appreciated.

 Eliminates both troubles, it is free, and there is no busy signal for it.