Why you need a virtual receptionist call service

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13 September

Why you need a virtual receptionist call service

As a small to medium sized business you are busy concentrating on not only operating the business but growing it. One point that business owners point out is that if they are busy running the day to day operations they can miss calls which can lead to lost sales.

Sometimes these missed call maybe present customers but either way missing a call does not project a professional image. As buyers ourselves when we call a small company how often is it that you get a basic answer phone message or in some cases nothing at all. How often have you thought i’m not going to continue with this business , etc.

With a Callmatic™ operating system we give you a phone number of your choice that can be a local number or national number. We then implement our virtual reception services which mean when a customer or buyer calls that landline number already you are projecting an excellent image that you have an office. When the call is answered it is done so by a professional virtual reception service that is automated and gives the caller the options that you choose.

For example it could be press 1 for sales or 2 for account or 3 for general enquires. When they press 1 they would be automatically transferred to a mobile if you wish still giving the impression it is an internal number. If you do not pick up it can then dial another number and so on and so fourth.

Not only then does the system give a good impression but it helps direct the right calls to the right persons within the business. A virtual receptionist is ideal for a growing small business that has 1 to 2 employees or more.